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Twenty middle school students in California were suspended after participating in a MySpace group where one student allegedly threatened to kill another and made anti-Semitic remarks.You cant control your destiny with these nearly as much as any other web site or portal.

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a simple advertising model selling banner and text ads (although they ban uncool pop up ads). Wharton marketing professor, peter Fader agrees that social network sites are powerful but mercurial, particularly since most are aimed at teenagers and young adults. Bought MySpace, NBC used it to show clips of The Office before the show was aired on the network. In the case gay social networking site of MySpace and Facebook, Lodish points out, the cost of gaining new customers is practically nothing because users join voluntarily and provide their own content through their profiles. Karen DeYoung, "Alan Gross,.S. Popular social networking sites, including MySpace and Facebook, are changing the human fabric of the Internet and have the potential to pay off big for investors, but given their youthful user base they are unusually vulnerable to the next new new thing. Can you charge for referrals or for purchases that result from referrals? When it comes to placing a valuation on the social network sites, Wharton marketing professor. There is a fad or a fashion component to all these networks. In addition to dating and events organizing the site focuses on low level political activity and news. The future is in finding ways to monetize the online community beyond just traditional web advertising, although its going to be difficult for online communities, even those behemoths like MySpace. Paid accounts are 10 per month. There are personal profile listings with text and video comments enabled for members. I have no problem with betting on a crapshoot, but you want to hedge your bets carefully and accept the downside in exchange for what could be an incredible upside. Value comes from revenues. Despite those obstacles, he is enthusiastic about social networks promise, although he says the sites ultimate value is less clear-cut than other Internet successes, such as eBay and Amazon. If youre looking for news and political discussion in your lgbt social networking check out Connexion. Yahoo makes a lot of money selling ads on its sites. I dont think anyone can come up with a genuine reason why they have become so popular, outside of 20-20 hindsight.

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Dating or am i gay test girl anything like that, are building a habit among young users. He recalls an argument he had with marketing students during the Internet boom of 2000 about Internet music seller CDNow. Said in a hearing about the revelations that" He says, s Cuban users were unaware of the American origins of the program.

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An article in the April, i wont pretend to speak for social gay men and Im sure there are some sites Im missing. Many of which are in the Middle East. Including smaller ones such as StudyBreakers for high schoolers and Photobucket. ZunZuneo was able to bypass Cubaapos.

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