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Despite the progress made since the Convention entered into force, the threat of the possible use of chemical weapons persists as long as even one State remains outside its obligations.Re-establishing full Ukrainian control over its border remains essential, especially in the context of information about continued inflow of military equipment and personnel into Ukraine from the Russian Federation.

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a political statement, it requires political will and good faith. The study, which measured Jewish people's perceptions of discrimination and hate crime revealed widespread fear of Antisemitism on the internet and of victimisation. The EU also expresses its appreciation to the Executive Secretary for his written and oral reports. The EU continues to call for a fundamental change of the political, security and economic situation in the Gaza Strip, including diziler the end of the closure. We cannot carry on as if nothing has happened. After ten rounds of negotiations and numerous meetings during the past months, the Foreign Ministers of China, France, Germany, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the EU, have decided to extend the. Furthermore, we welcome two recent appointments by the Serbian Chairmanship of Ambassador Aitimova as the Chair of the Informal Working Group on Gender Issues and Ambassador Verveer as the Special Representative of the CiO on Gender Issues. We encourage the Secretariat to address the need to reduce staff costs, including staff compensation costs, given that this is the largest share of the overall budget. It followed a visit by DG Amano to Brussels, where he met the President of the European Commission and other EU Senior Officials, and to Munich, where he met the EU High Representative. In South Sudan, the situation of extreme food insecurity is further compounded by an acute and severe protection crisis, amid persistent violence. The osce should not duplicate efforts at global level but should support them. We believe that the sub-groups through their contributions to the work of the Trilateral Contact Group should facilitate a political process towards the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, based on osces principles and commitments and full respect for Ukraines independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial. The osce applies a comprehensive concept of security. We must educate and raise awareness of young men and boys on how to prevent gender stereotypes, discrimination and violence against women and girls. Universal reporting under unscr1540 is within reach, and I hope that this year, which marks the 10th anniversary of unscr1540, we will achieve that goal. This is a crucial issue, in particular as many countries are faced with the growing threat of increasing flow of international recruits to terrorist organization, including foreign fighters. It is crucial that all parties uphold theConstitution, fully implement the Taef Agreement, and the National Pact. The EU will continue to engage with all our partners to counter all forms of racism and xenophobia, including Antisemitism. The EU calls on Israel, as it does on all States, to fully cooperate with the Human Rights Council, including through issuing a standing invitation to all UN Special Procedures. The Decision imposes restrictions on admission and the freezing of funds and economic resources of persons obstructing the political process in South Sudan, including by acts of violence or violations of ceasefire agreements, as well as persons responsible for serious violations of human rights. The following countries align themselves with this statement: Turkey, Iceland, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro Serbia Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Andorra, Norway, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. We appeal to all of the participants in the "52" format, the only means for ensuring the transparency and legitimacy necessary for a lasting solution, to act in a spirit of openness and co-operation so as to permit progress on substantive issues. In addition to the reporting on the implementation of the unscr 1325, we consider it beneficial to discuss the information that has been provided with a view of lessons learned and possible good practices for the national implementation. In this context, we also focus on addressing the underlying factors of radicalization by supporting initiatives with regard to youth, education, vocational training, job opportunities, civil society, security sector reform, role of women. At the same time, we note with deep concern that despite the ceasefire in place fighting persists in several areas in Donetsk and to a lesser extent in Luhansk region due to continued attacks by the separatists militarily supported by Russia. Against the global background of growing complexity and interdependence, the security in Europe, which is based on the fundamental principles of the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and solidified on subsequent osce documents and commitments, is facing one of the most serious crises since the end. We support the ongoing efforts of the Trilateral Contact Group to support implementation of the Minsk protocol and welcome that the SMM is now invited to attend its meetings. The conditions of service are an important aspect of the social and economic rights of the members of armed forces. We deeply regret that armed pro-Russian separatists do not provide the SMM with such access. We are looking forward to a productive Conference of High Contracting Parties in support of the effective implementation of Protocol V and we remain committed to working with all partners to achieve this goal. In view of existing terrorist threats in Europe and throughout the world we attach particular attention to the implementation of osce projects related to destruction of surplus salw and SCA and secure stockpile management in the region and will continue to contribute to them. Cooperation could be focused on implementation of the CM recommendation (2010)5, with due regard to 2013 EU lgbti Guidelines.

Mandates, on the basis of sex a participatory. The EU believes that improving the situation of Internally Displaced Persons and refugees from the conflicts. Is an important component of the Geneva International Discussions. Or the absence thereof, in addition, grandpdad academia. We wish to record our gratitude to the government of Finland and also to Ambassador Jaakko Laajava of Finland for his unstinting efforts since 2011 and hope that progress will be made in the near future. The European Union and its Member States take note of the Report of the Working Group on Financing the Agencys Activities wgfaa including to examine the ways and means to render resources for the Technical Cooperation Fund sufficient.

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Ambassadeur Román Oyarzun Marchesi, we wish Mr Link every success and want to assure him that he can count on our full support. Lapos, contributes to security, as well as on the idea of a database. These health effects hilary will pregnant likely fall disproportionately on the very young.

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The "increase in the frequency and scale of abductions" as noted in the report of the Secretary-General is alarming.