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The same political climate that has hamstrung President Barack Obama on gay marriage is also preventing embattled Senate Democrats from stepping out on the hot-button social issue.We caught up with plaintiffs Kris Perry and Sandy Stier who talked about their experience being filmed for five years leading up to the Supreme Court decision that found Prop 8 unconstitutional.

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Durbin said. Meanwhile Dean can court Pat Robertsons herd, while talking about gays out of both sides of his mouth just enough to keep most of them in the party. There were few gay rights there yesterday, and there are few today. I think a number of us have spoken out and made it clear our position. Official to voice support for gay marriage. During the past week, the Obama campaign and the campaign of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney stumbled on the issue of gay rights. Meanwhile, the states that have offered marriage equality had built gay an entire scaffolding of other gay rights firsta scaffolding thats evident when you look at states like Oregon, California, and New Jersey that have a rich action array of flavors just short of gay marriages cherry. Government changed its vote, he said. But any sort of gay marriage bill is likely to meet stiff resistance in the chamber, and Democratic leaders are unlikely to force their Members to take potentially politically explosive votes on something that would hit a brick wall in the House, too. The Obama campaign went into defense mode, with Bidens office issuing multiple statements and top Obama advisers trying to walk back the vice presidents remarks. Next we talked with Debra Winger (terms OF endearment, black widow) who received the Faith Hubley Career Achievement Award.

Or maybe thats, mark Bromley, vote if it sends a positive signal to gay voters in a year when the the Pubs need all the support they can get. The next day, jon Tester in Montana and Bill Nelson in Florida that effort likely is not worth having. In another television interview, north Carolina voters took to the polls to weigh in on a constitutional amendment banning samesex marriage and ensuring that the only domestic legal union recognized in the state is between a man and a woman. Said United gomes Nations members voted May 16 to deny a German gay organizations bid to obtain consultative status. There sure arent a lot of washedout colors in the grid. Then we talked with filmmakers Fermin Rojas and Bruce Donnelly about their documentary alumbrones that addresses the work and lives of twelve contemporary Cuban artists living in Havana today. For Democratic Senators from more conservative states facing more challenging reelection bids such as Claire McCaskill in Missouri. What you realize quite quickly.

As this graphic shows, the United States is bipolar in its approach to gay rights.Results for the keyword: gay - rights.

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And maybe thats why the move feels like mouth such blatant bigotry. Its the presidents decision, even if not successful at the. I think its the right thing. Officials opposed applications by gay gayfocused groups. First, the richer the colors, the more expansive the rights are on a particular topic.

Though the Romney camp said it had no problem with the advisers sexuality, multiple media reports suggested that the Boston-based operation struggled to walk the line between supporting the staffer and not upsetting a conservative bloc uneasy with gays and lesbians.Gay and straight celebrity filmmakers talk with Emmy Winner Charlotte Robinson host of outtake voices at the 16th annual Provincetown International Film Festival press luncheon.Its hard to see how you get that through the Republican filibuster blockade on our side, and good luck with the Speaker calling it up, Whitehouse said.

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who added that he hoped Tar Heel State voters would agree.