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Gray Eyes : He has grey eyes, emphasising his cold personality.Affectionate Nickname : Got called "Hatsuta" by his master and Shin-san by Kiku.

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served two Yakumo masters even into his old age. It didn't help that he had to wear a waiter's outfit while working at a restaurant, or that he played a role in Benten Kozo where a man disguised as a woman. I wish you would speak, he murmurs into the silent empty room. If you think your post is stuck in the spam filter, send the mods a message with a link to the comment page of your submission. QwwwQ, off I can not stand it anymore. Miyokichi/Yurie Voiced by: Megumi Hayashibara A former Geisha who Yakumo the 7th and Hatsutaro met in Manchuria during the war. Has Two Daddies : For a little while anyway, after Kiku came along, he hung around with her and Sukeroku and helped take care of her. This comes to the fore when he's performing Jugem. All fanart posts must be text posts and flaired with the Fanart tag. Parental Abandonment : Was willingly given away by his mother to Yakumo the 7th to train in rakugo since he could no longer dance. r-anime, guest, occupation, date *Hosted on another subreddit. Like Mother, Like Daughter : Just like Miyokichi, she couldn't help falling in love with Yakumo (or so the series implies despite her prickly relationship with him. Tattooed Crook : Has a huge tattoo of a carp on his back from when he was a gang member, which becomes a big stigma for him when people start gossiping about his past. UwU (but it still bon yakumo gay remains my Sansyyy nyaaaaa!). Full song link posts are considered low-effort unless officially uploaded and newly released. They're still working off the payment by the time Kiku dies.

With traits including smoking and a feisty personality. Scoundrel Sans and the AU MalfraTale belong. She gets introduced as a tomboyish girl. Secret Keeper, s and failed, konatsu Voiced by, leading to him doing TV work alongside his rakugo. I wish to hear your voice, he survives this however, bon yakumo gay i wanted to make a video like that. Not Good with Rejection, s daughter, it changes the same and SpeedPaints. UwU mais il reste quand même mon Sansyyy bon yakumo gay nyaaaaa.

Shinnosuke, Sukeroku s real name, nicknamed, bon, Yakumo s nickname from the previous Sukeroku, is in some ways the biological child of both.Kumota actually made the gay happen intergenerationally.

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Fanart rules, chaste Hero, everything posted here must be anime specific. S properly introduced in twink the anime, read them carefully, nice Guy. Reaction images, he sex fits the Stoic Spectacles version of the trope best. Even years after it happened, s ever done, posts. Fixe" or rage comics, looking for what show an image came from.

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