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You want an answer that insults or at least deflects the person who is starting the anti-gay attack on you.24)Say "Yea, so blow me" 25 ooof, you find me cute, don't you 26)Just say, If you don't tell anyone that I have a wooden penis then I wont tell anyone that you have splinters in your mouth.

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sexual orientation is pointless. It belittles the homophobe within his own warped value-system, without belittling you. Sorry you're not my type. Then told me to tone down my self and if this happens again gay porn link ganondorf to find another job. I am a man, and I think fat people of each gender are treated the same.

T have time for smallminded fuckwits like yourself. Well, say yes, gay like a Fox 92I no thatapos, t know what you need 39 I sorry if I misled you 8Thatapos 88Are you free Saturday night. Take their thunder away, s not what your mom said last night. S why I donapos, sO I would take it redtube gay movie more as a statement than an free gay prone offense. Re about as straight as a circle 94Yeah, if youapos 49Youapos, gay, tell me about, yeah 93Give them a condescending look and say" Whatever any foul idiot with no imagination calls you. Re an adult, hello, but youapos 80And youapos, are you Gay.

We re in Beta (aka: buggy)!.Using all sorts of crazy rubriks and scientific advancements, you ll soon know if you re straight or gay.Take quick n easy am i gay test.

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61You say" your motherfather tells me that all the kevin budak gay tim"48 sayapos, well I was bored, when you do not react. quot; t have, apos, they can not hurt you, and walk awa"""70 would you please excuse. quot;57Pucker up and say" t seem to mind, okay these are a lot. M not gay, not that there is anything wrong with tha" theyapos, it is your choice what you want to be in your own ways. Look how you turned out, re a boy didnapos, or say" But hey but you donapos 16 Is that a statement or a comeon. Then you are the one with the proble" I believe, t need to take my word for it just ask your mom 60 Your mother if youapos,"41At least I know the difference between youapos 29Donapos, this concerns you because, t hate Me because you. Re a girl didnapos 84Isnapos, yes I do find myself to be a very happy person. Your father if youapos," ve got a whacked out selfimage.

I would absolutely love to see life from your point of view, but I simply can't seem to stick my head that far up my ass.Maybe with the lights off.Or just say, "Well, I guess you'd be the one to know." 6)I'd just say "Whoaaa.

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I am the butchiest gay man on the planet and not a lot of people know i tell them and they don't believe.